It seems every cuisine in the world has some form of dish that is set ablaze, from our own Christmas puddings to Italian zambucca liqueur, or flame-licked crepe Suzettes.

Fire safety provision in restaurants therefore has two main jobs; to protect those who come to eat the food, and those who are busy preparing it. (As for the steak flambée, it has to look after itself!)

Front of house, the humble fire extinguisher will have to fight for room amongst the tables, bar stools, serving stations and cloakroom facilities. Chrome fire extinguishers will add a touch of class to any décor.

Behind the scenes, chefs and staff need a range of fire extinguishers to cope with the various fire risks in a busy kitchen, including wet chemical extinguishers for fat fryer fires and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers for fires involving electrical catering equipment.

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