Fire Curtains

If you looking for a cost effective installation, we suggest the fire curtain.

A versatile flexible curtain, made of galvanised wire mesh and rock mineral reinforced fleece that is stitched with wire for maximum effectiveness.

These fire barriers can be hung like a curtain they are capable of integrity and insulation from 15 minutes to 120 minutes.

Fire Curtains

The fire barrier must be hung from structural framework which can resist fire for the same period as the fire barrier system itself. It is very important to continuously support and thoroughly clamp the top edge of the fire barrier to the structural members in preference to the roof decking.

They come in different specifications for example using the 50mm blanket you achieve a barrier for 30 minutes but use two 50mm blankets together and you increase that time to 1 hour.

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Rockwool Fire Barrier has been tested or conforms to the following standards:

BS 476: Part 4, 1970 Non Combustibility or Building Materials
BS 476: Part 6, 1989 Fire Propagation of Building Materials
BS 476: Part 7, 1987 Surface Spread of Flame
BS 476: Part 22, 1987 Fire Test for Building Materials in Non Load bearing Elements of Construction.

Installing the fire barriers will not only prevent the spread of smoke and fire in confined spaces i.e. such as attic spaces, but they also improve sound reduction. It is Rockwool’s essential insulation performance that limits the heat transfer through the barriers, preventing ignition of combustible materials in adjacent areas.

Fixing solutions to concrete decks

Fast new patented angle and clamping plate system

Simple hammer fix system

Angle support with stamped tongues

One angle supports two barriers for an hour

Fixing solutions for timber and steel or voids up to 1m

Standard no. 10 wood screws for timber

Self-tapping screws for steel purlins

Fixings for clamping plate extended to 450mm

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