Fire Sprinkler Systems

Design, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Domestic & Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems in accordance with BS9251:2014

Saint David’s Fire & Security Ltd combines experience, knowledge and expertise to fulfil our client’s needs to the highest standards.

Specialising in Fire Sprinkler Systems, Fire Extinguishers, CCTV and other fire protection services, we have over 10 years’ experience in delivering supreme customer satisfaction.

The various types of Fire Sprinkler Systems we can provide you with:

Mains Fed Fire Sprinkler – The sprinkler gets fed directly by the town water main. No need to store water and pump house facilities. It uses far less room on site thus allowing a more compact installation.

Pump and Tank Fire Sprinklers – If the mains water supply does not meet the criteria then this system can be fed from water stored in a tank and pumped to the sprinklers.

Wet Pipe Fire Sprinklers – They are installed in buildings where there is no risk of freezing. These sprinklers are very quick to react because water is always in the pipe above the sprinkler heads.

Alternate Fire Sprinklers – These sprinklers have their pipes full of water for the summer and drained down and filled with air (under pressure) for the winter. This variation is important for building that are not heated.

Dry Pipe Fire Sprinklers – The pipes are filled with air under pressure at all times and water is held back by the control valve. When a sprinkler head opens, the drop in air pressure opens the valve and water flows into the pipework and onto the fire. These systems are used where all the pipework is concealed in the floors and walls, and the sprinklers themselves are small, neat and blend in with the decor. They are available in a range of colours and finishes and even concealed models can now be obtained.

An adequate and reliable water supply is obviously essential for a sprinkler system. This can normally be obtained directly from the water mains, but in some cases may need to be stored on site.
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