Manned Security Guards

Manned static security guarding ensures a high-level security presence in and around your premises. Saint David’s Fire & Security Ltd covers South Wales and surrounding areas. Static/manned guarding, key holding and alarm response.

Manned Security GuardsNever underestimate the manpower you require when it comes to security, to ensure the protection of your premises and staff, manned guarding is one of the leading preventive measures. With this in mind here at Saint David’s Fire & Security Ltd we are now investing time and resources into manned security guards so we can provide you with the best service possible, adhering to the BS7858 recommendations to recruit the correct security personnel and services to meet the needs of your company. Offering much more than a simple security presence and that odd patrol of your building, we at Saint David’s Fire & Security Ltd, ensure our manned security officers take a proactive and professional approach with all of our clients so you get the results you want. Whatever your needs be it door supervision for a club or bar, prevention of loss at your shop, shopping centre or retail outlet, our fully trained guards will take care of your concerns.  If your looking for more of a dual purpose role with the like of a reception security service we have the flexibility and wide skill set to tailor our manned security to meet whatever your needs require.

What you can expect of a Saint David’s Fire & Security Ltd Security Guard in a typical shift of Duties:

• Provide access and egress control at your premises

• CCTV Monitoring

• Close and secure doors and windows

• Site Patrols including remove obstructions from fire escapes etc.

• Fight small fires and liaise with the emergency services

• Make recommendations to improve security of your premises.

A Daily Incident Log book will be kept in which all duties and any incidents that may have occurred throughout their shift will be recorded. Our security officers are trained to use the latest security technology and CCTV systems where the assignment requires. Saint David’s Fire & Security Ltd meets the needs of companies that require quality security personnel and services from a reliable source.

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