Fire Slabs

Where you have the need for installation of the fire curtain, you could consider installing friction fitted slab. They are produced with the foil finish to both sides. They are manufactured to 1m high and 20 m long. Using the slabs achieve a barrier of 1 hour. No fasteners or angles. The slabs are cut to height and friction fitted within the opening: butt joints between slabs and perimeters are sealed with Acoustic Intumescent Sealant. When subjected to flame, Acoustic Intumescent Sealant will expand and char, blocking the passage of smoke and flame.

Fire SlabsFire Barrier Slab can be penetrated by steel pipes of up to 33mm external diameter or smaller, and steel cable trays of 305 x 50mm or smaller. These penetrating services must be independently supported a maximum of 150mm from the face of the slabs. Acoustic Intumescent Sealant is applied to form a tight bond where the penetration passes through the face of the slab. Rockwool fire slabs have been tested and conform to BS 476-20 and -22. Without penetrations: Up to 240 minutes integrity, 60 minutes insulation. With service penetrations: Up to 90 minutes integrity, 60 minutes insulation.

Fixing solutions to concrete decks
Fast new patented angle and clamping plate system
Simple hammer fix system
Angle support with stamped tongues
One angle supports two barriers for an hour
Fixing solutions for timber and steel or voids up to 1m
Standard no. 10 wood screws for timber
Self-tapping screws for steel purlins
Fixings for clamping plate extended to 450mm.

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