“Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink” could equally well apply to fire safety provision on board marine vessels, from the smallest yacht to the largest oil tanker. Just because you are surrounded by water, it does not negate the need for adequate fire safety provision.

Most boats and ships not only carry their own fuel with them but also use it to power their engines, which immediately puts two major fire risks in one confined area. An automatic fire extinguisher positioned in the engine bay of any size will often extinguish a small fire before your crew may even realise one had broken out.

In addition, there are fire risks posed by cramped conditions in the galleys or commercial kitchen of cruise liners, especially when cooking in adverse weather conditions.

Check with your approval body as to what size dry powder fire extinguishers. And fire blanket you require. Try to buy fire extinguishers with the Ship’s Wheel Mark of approval.

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