Stainless Steel Extinguishers

BS EN3 specifies that extinguishers are red with colour codes to demote the contents of each.
This enables the user to quickly locate and select the right extinguisher. However, in areas where
the aesthetics and appearance of a room or corridor are important, red extinguishers are not
always desirable.
SAINT DAVIDS FIRE & SECURITYS stainless steel, foam and dry powder extinguishers are ideal
for restaurants, hotel foyers and other public areas and working environments where the architecture
and ambience is a consideration.
Where stainless steel extinguishers are used
Training of nominated uses is essential to ensure there is no unnecessary user delay in tackling a fire,
should it be safe to do so.

The 6 & 9 litre stainless steel water extinguisher is suitable for class A fires involving
freely burning material.

The 6 & 9 litre stainless steel spray foam extinguisher fights freely burning fires and those
involving petrol, oils and volatile liquids

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