Spraywater Extinguishers

The 3 and 6 litre Spraywater (with additive) water extinguishers contain special fire fighting additives to enhance overall performance.
This provides the user with a greater capacity to tackle some of the most common types of fire, like those involving cloth,
wood and paper.

Both extinguishers have passed the 35kv conductivity of discharge test giving greater all round safety if accidentally sprayed
on electrical equipment.

Because of the reduced size of the extinguisher and the nature of the fire risks they tackle, Spray water extinguishers are

Spray Water Fire Extinguishers
ideally suited to the office environment, where space may be at a premium and ease of use for all staff members is essential.

• Lighter and more effective than ordinary jet water extinguishers.
• Spray nozzle gives wide coverage for maximum fire fighting performance.
• 15 bar pressure means that users can attack fires from a safer distance.
• Safe if accidentally used on electrical equipment.

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