Mobile Trolley Units

For fire risks that demand a greater concentration of first-aid protection than can be provided by portable
fire extinguishers SAINT DAVIDS FIRE & SECURITY offers a range of larger capacity, trolley-mounted
extinguisher units.

CO2 – can be used on flammable liquid fires and being non-corrosive is ideally suited for risks involving
electrical machinery such as switchgear and powerplant.
POWDER – These extinguishers can be filled with either GPS (general purpose class A, B

And C). FC standard dry (B and C) or Monnex (Class B and C).These powders are capable of dealing with
flammable liquid fires and fires involving flammable gases. GPS can also deal with Class A fires involving
carbonaceous materials. All powders listed can be applied to electrical fires.
FOAM – These extinguishers are ideal for use in industrial complexes, abroad ships and in military
establishments. Suitable for all class B fires involving flammable liquids, the foam produced can also
extinguish Class A fires of a freely burning nature.

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