Frost Free Horn Extinguishers

Despite the CO2 extinguisher being the UK’s most commonly used extinguisher, previously they have
been supplied with a warning against holding the horn when in use. This is because the CO2 is held as
a liquid under pressure within the cylinder, and when it is discharged it expands rapidly, cooling down
the material it contacts. As such, during the discharge of a 2kg CO2 extinguisher, the temperature of
a traditional horn drops by 40oc, giving the user a risk of a frost burn if the horn is accidentally touched.
To eliminate this problem SAINT DAVIDS FIRE & SECURITYhave developed a new reinforced swivel
horn that combats the longstanding issue of frost building on the horn.

The new horn is not standard on all new 2 kg CO2 extinguishers, but SAINT DAVIDS FIRE & SECURITY
can upgrade your extinguishers during your scheduled service visit for the same price as a standard CO2 horn.

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